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Guess Who Zoo is a prize-winning CD too.

Parents' Choice Foundation Award / Parenting Magazine Pick

Guess Who Zoo Book Cover

Animals sing their stories... kids guess their names. For ages 2–7.

"The Guess Who Zoo is like a happy combination of Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Ogden Nash put to music." —Allan Shedlin, Jr., Founding Executive-Director, The National Elementary School Center More Reviews...

All interactive and educator-applauded. Featured in the gift shops of The Bronx Zoo and the American Museum of Natural History. Make cool birthday party favors!

Want to hear some sample Guess Who Zoo songs? 

Well, sure. You wouldn't want to buy the CD unheard. You can play two of our 13 animal guessing songs by hitting the "play" buttons below.

From early spring to autumn
Through wild green woods I wind
Eating nuts and roots and candy bars
That hikers leave behind.

When flowers bloom and bees buzz 'round
I smile not 'cause they're funny–
I smile because they lead me to
A beehive full of honey.

But when winter winds begin to howl
And snowflakes fill the skies
I pick myself a cozy cave,
Crawl in and close my eyes.

I hibernate all winter
In my furry underwear
'Cause without my summer berries
I'd be hungry as a ________.

I just woke up
Gotta comb my hair
Please excuse me, kids,
Your friend, the Bear.

Thirst is never a problem;
It doesn't make me a grump.
I manufacture water
From the fat inside my hump.

When I spy an oasis,
I gallop there pell-mell.
If my master didn't stop me,
I'd drink the whole darned well.

I can travel for days
Beneath bright blazing skies.
I'll eat thistles and thorns
If I can't find date pies.

I'm positively glamorous
With eyelashes oh so long.
The keep the sand out of my eyes
Where it certainly doesn't belong.

I'm the ship of the desert,
A remarkable mammal.
There's no doubt that
I am the ________.

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