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Why do kids (parents, too) love Guess Who Books?

  • Animals tell their stories... kids guess their names.
  • Special sections: "If Animals Could Talk.."
  • They're "fun that educates" with a clue in every line.

I sun myself upon the rocks
I wear no shoes. I need no socks.
The only school I ever see
Is a school of fish. That's lunch for me.

My furry skin's so warm, it's said
That I can make icebergs my bed
The circus puts me in its shows
To spin beach balls upon my nose.

Grownups applaud and children cheer
When I do back flips on my ear
For me though it is no big deal
It's really easy for a __________.

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Moms know best.

Internet Mommy Bloggers have strong opinions.
They don't pull their punches. Here's what they've been saying:

I recently got the chance to review a toddler book series, Guess Who Books and I've got to say they are a huge hit at our house. My little bookworm/animal junkie loves them.
My kids have absolutely adored the Guess Who Book series. Illustrations are bright, big, and beautiful, and the whimsical adventures and delightful riddles are wonderful for teaching children rhyming, poetry, life science, and problem solving.
I enjoy reading to my children, but I don't always enjoy the books themselves. The last few weeks, I've been reading the very delightful Guess Who series to my 5-year-old daughter, Makayla with their witty and inventive rhymes and whimsical language, much like those two masters of wordplay, Dr. Seuss and and Shel Silverstein...The reading is fun and educational...and led to both of us expanding our knowledge.
I cannot say enough about the Guess Who Books. They are interactive, educational and just plain fun. Children of all ages will be thrilled with them. They will be read over and over again.
Encourages reader participation through whimsical animal poems, fun facts and guessing games...a great addition to any family's library.
I'm really excited to share the lively entertaining Guess Who books. They are well-written. (My son) is a struggling reader, so building his vocabulary is important. We don't need to dumb kids down with overly simple words. We all had a lot of fun guessing the animals.

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