About Us

So who’s Shirley? And who’s Howard? Are they married? Just good friends? First cousins? Blue warriors from Avatar?  And, possibly most important, why did they go to the trouble of writing, “It’s Never Too Late to Date?” Those are all fair questions, and  if you’re visiting our website (and obviously you are)  you’re entitled to answers.

Of course, “How Shirley Met Howard,” the second chapter of our book, tells all. But to make a long chapter short, we’re a widow and a widower who met on line, dated three times, and on the fourth decided to search no more.

It wasn’t that simple, of  course. There have been enough bumps in the road to wrench the tires off a Lexus. Religious differences.  Cultural differences. Attitudinal  differences.

Shirley loves tennis, but when she got Howard on the court in the brand-new tennis shoes she’d thoughtfully bought him for the occasion, he lunged to his right to connect with the ball and instead, landing heavily on his side, connected with the ground. (Fortunately, nothing broke.)

Shirley loves  bridge and plays daily, but he gave up after three lessons declaring, “To me it’s a waste of time. I’d rather write.” Compromise and accepting what’s most important to the other helped a lot — enough so that Shirley now calls Howard her  “almost-husband.” (Fair is fair. Howard calls  Shirley his “almost author.”)

The book was Shirley’s idea.  Howard had written six previously and was working on a seventh when Shirley began  telling him stories of 50-, 60-, and 70-plus friends who envied her and wished they had men of their own. “We could help a lot of women,” she insisted. “We could give a lot of good advice. And there isn’t a good 50-plus dating book out there.”  So — women can be very persuasive –Howard’s seventh book became  “It’s Never Too Late to Date.

We have a great arrangement. Shirley comes to Manhattan from her suburban home to Howard’s urban brownstone on Wednesday afternoon and goes home Thursday morning.  She’s back Friday afternoon, they enjoy a great Big Apple weekend of films, ballet, or opera (Shirley loves music) and home she goes Monday morning. There’s always free time set aside for blogging answers to comments or questions from readers.

“It’s a great arrangement,” says Shirley, “because it gives each of us time and space. Time to do the things that are individually important to us. Space to go out to dinner with, in my case, long-time girlfriends, or go to a movie he doesn’t particularly want to see. Or, for both of  us,  just to be alone for a while. As for the book, Howard always does the first drafts. I always get a chance to add, subtract, or suggest. And  the years I spent taking relationship and sexuality courses at The New School and New York University, or dealing with patient problems in my internist-husband’s office, always come in handy.