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Boomer dating: Playing the cyberspace numbers game

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Computer dating is a lot like a raffle. The more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning. So don’t register with just one e-dating service, sign up with two or three: like,, — all of which have “mid-life” or “senior” age listings. Or google (and scout) for sites specifically embracing the 50- and 60-plus categories. There are  dozens of them.

Not immediately, of course. Sign with only one at a time until you’re comfortable with the process. But don’t put all our eggs in one skillet. E-mail a daily doze of appealing gents. Many won’t respond, but — do the math — all you need is one.

If, like our friend Amy, you complain, “No one answers my e-mails!” the answer is, “Try changing  your message. Or, even better, try changing  your photo. Not with a quickie cellphone photo, but with the help of a professional photographer in the afternoon — after a visit to a good hair stylist that morning.” Or, to put more arrows in Cupid’s quiver, add or change dating services. It may cost a little more, but, hey, it’s an investment in the rest of your life.