Never walk your dog in a tattered T-shirt

A dog can be woman’s best friend if her neighbor’s widowed brother happens to be visiting. So when you walk Rover, dress to impress. Every day. A delicious 20-year-old can throw on a faded stretched out T-shirt for waking the dog and charm the tail off a squirrel. But when you’re going on multiple times that age, you just look homeless. Don’t be startled if men toss coins at you instead of hungry looks.

Don’t dress your age. Dress your best Wear cheerful colors, not drab browns that murmur meekly, “Please don’t look at me.” Consider contact lenses or a fashion frame. Granny glasses give you a granny look that does not bring out the Rhett Butler in a man. Or the George Clooney for that matter. Men like “attractive,” so be it. What are you saving your best clothes for? They’ll be out of style before you wear them. You’ve got ’em? Use ’em. If you don’t got ’em, get ’em.  That’s how you                                                                                                                  –excerpted from “It’s Never Too Late to Date”

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