Finding A Man After 50 and Knowing When to Let Go

If you believe in senior dating fairy tales — something we’d all like to believe in — it’s possible for all of us to live very happily ever after. It may not be easy. We may meet a lot of frogs along the way who won’t turn out to be princes when we kiss them. But if we persist and push the right dating buttons, we’ll finally meet a man who likes our looks — even though we’re not 21 anymore — and is ready, willing, and eager to date us.

Enid met Len on a dating website. He liked her picture. She liked his. She liked his well-written profile, too. He sounded like a winner and she enjoyed their first date and those that followed. What she didn’t like was his gradual increased pattern of pleading poverty. At first, he had pulled out his wallet with alacrity. But after he saw her Lexus and her well-appointed condo, the retreat from tab-taking began and persisted. His explanation: “I’ve got a pension from my old job, but it’s not very big. But between that and Social Security and the occasional odd job, I get by.” But not enough, it seemed, to pick up restaurant tabs (anyway, he said, he preferred home cooking) or even movie tickets.

Still he told interesting stories of his days in the merchant marine and the Navy, and it was nice to have a man around the house (and in her bed), even if she’d thought her cooking days were over. But sometimes it got embarrassing. Like birthday parties for her grandchildren to which (“Oh, gosh!” as she rang the bell) he always forgot to bring a birthday present. So the first year was great, the second year his naval battles began to get boring, and by the third year Enid had begun to feel the relationship was a mistake she should have ended long ago.

End it, finally, she did. But her regrets aren’t over. “I wasted three years,” she said. “I kept thinking he was the wrong man, but I didn’t do anything about it.” But then she added, “Oh, well. There were some good times. No use moaning and groaning. I’ll just have to do better next time.” She will if she persists, persists, persist.

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