Boomer Dating: “I just got pinned at 84.”

Yogi Berra was right: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” So any woman who decides at 50, or  60, or 70 — or even 80 — that her dating days are over needs to consider the good and happy life of my friend Charlotte. Charlotte lost her husband 15 years ago, but decided shortly thereafter that she didn’t like being alone one bit. She answered an ad in her local newspaper and that was followed shortly thereafter by a phone call that led to a long and happy ten year relationship.

But nothing is forever and just before their 10th “anniversary,” her “almost husband” (neither had seen any point in getting married) took seriously ill and was moved to another state by a son who felt that his father’s care would be too much for Charlotte. Sadly, she agreed, but soon discovered that one thing hadn’t changed. She still didn’t like being alone. “I have lots of friends,” she told me, “and I love you. But the truth is, I miss male companionship.”

I’m a natural-born matchmaker and I thought immediately of Marvin. We played bridge occasionally and he had recently lost his wife. He was four years older than Charlotte and was  in good health. The fact that he still played golf was pretty good proof of that. So at the first opportunity, I told him, “I know a very lovely woman I’m sure you’d like.” When he growled, “I’m not ready,” I simply said, “Okay, tell me when you are.” Two months later, he told me quietly, “I’m ready.”

He was and so was she. What started with a date for dinner is now a full-fledged relationship.  Full pledged, too. Last week he sat beside her on the couch, slipped a small packet out of his pocket, and said, “Go ahead, Charlotte.  Open it.” Inside she found something he’d saved for 70 years — his gold high school graduation ring.

It was too big, but she had a jeweler rectify that, and she wears it proudly. “I never thought,” she smiles, “that I’d be pinned at 84.” Like I said, Yogi Berra was right. No matter what your age, “it ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

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4 Responses to “Boomer Dating: “I just got pinned at 84.””

  1. April Braswell Says:

    Hi Shirley and Howard,

    I really like the approach you take of encouragement and hopefulness with relationships,thank you, at any age. You’re going to laugh at that coming from me when I am so much younger. However to some of the GenX and GenY I am considered of a (cough, cough) “mature” age. I too have been widowed, albeit it at a young age (37). Not only is your dating column fun and infectious, I really like the sweet and cute way you approach romance. It is darling and engaging. I am delighted to hear that Charlotte got pinned (“yeah, yeah” as they sing in “Bye, Bye Birdie).

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

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  4. Shirley and Howard Says:

    Hi April:
    We’ve been neglecting our blogging and are just getting back to it, so it may seem strange (even weird) to respond 17 months late, we did appreciate your comments very much. And we hope that in that time you’ve found Mr. Practically Perfect. –Shirley and Howard

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