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50+Dating: Go Where the Guys(Or the Gals) Go

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Raccoons have figured out that when they’re looking for a midnight snack, the best place to go is your garbage can. If they could talk (which is hard to do with your mouth full) they’d tell you if you’re looking for a guy, the best place to go is where the guys go. (No, not the Men’s Room.)
A single California woman we know gave that some thought. “Men,” she said, “love boats. If I join a boat club, that’s where I’ll find the men.” She did and one of them was happy to answer all her dumb questions — like, “Which is port and which is starboard?” Eventually, he popped his own question, and she is now his First Mate. There are probably not a lot of boat clubs in Kansas or South Dakota, but there are plenty of other places that attract the males of our species, and community college adult ed classes are high on the list. Choose classes like Civil War History that attract more men than women. One couple we know met over mu gu gai pan in a gourmet Chinese cooking course.

Dabble in politics at a local political club. Join a hiking, walking, bird-watching, or bridge club. (First check the gender spread on the membership rolls.) Become an enthusiastic and visible rooter at men’s softball or basketball games at community centers. Get enthusiastic about the men (and the home team) at a sports bar – though not for what they’re drinking. Guys can meet gals and vice versa (and see what shape they’re in) at gyms. And, if they put their thinking hats on, guys can reverse this advice and shrewdly plan to go where the gals are.

Boomer Dating: Never Walk Fido in Sweats

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

We haven’t counted tails lately, but there are an awful lot of singles walking dogs these days. Before work, after, and — if Fido has a bladder problem — during lunch hour, too. The exercise is good. But even better, when it comes to making introductions, Fido is man’s and woman’s best friend.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to sniff a fellow walker the way – without so much as a by your leave — your dog does. But these random dog walk meetings (not so random if you casually steer your dog toward someone you’d like to meet) offer the best way to connect with a special someone of the opposite (well, even the same) gender since the invention of online dating.

But you’ve got to dress the part. Sweats, dirty sneakers, and a tattered T-shirt just won’t cut it. Woman’s best friend has just set up a meeting. It’s your big chance to progress from, “What’s his name, breed, and favorite dog food?” to “How about we tie our dogs up outside a coffee bar and have a molka-whatever?”

But for heaven’s sake, don’t blow the op by looking like something the cat dragged in.